Mission Statement

AIRTIGHT MC is a law abiding, Independent, non-territorial, motorcycle club. We are serious bikers.
We do not just ride our bikes on weekends or wear our leathers as a fashion statement. Motorcycles
are our world. We are a working class club. We are not outlaws, RUBs, or “wanabees”. We mind our own
business and support our own club. The camaraderie we have created between our brothers
establishes a strong support system for our personal lives, which gives us a more fulfilled life
with our families, friends, co-workers and community.

Our vision is to form an “old school values” club that will take us back to the basics. To form a strong
bond among members and forever ride free "TOGETHER" enjoying the scenery and surroundings that this great
land has for us to enjoy. All the while being grateful for the family, friends and Brotherhood we have
today. We support our own communities through charitable service and contribution.
ATMC strongly supports our military and our Wounded Warriors.

AIRTIGHT MC supports and is a proud member of
the "Wounded Warrior Project Advanced Guard Monthly Giving Program".

We do not judge other clubs for any decisions they make. We respect all other clubs and their interests.
We will strive to support as many clubs in the area as possible regardless of what part of the biker set
they belong to. We will do this by attending as many club events, rallies and party’s as we’re able to.